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Antonio Alegret

I am a multidisciplinary student firmly convinced of life-long learning approach.  

First, I graduated as Mechanic Industrial Engineer and qualified Renewable Energy Expert from the Technical College of Madrid. I continued my education obtaining a Spanish Master´s degree for foreigners or as a second language from the Online University of Spain. Deepening, I am specialized on teaching Spanish language for specific purposes: Renewables, Tourism or Business.

After working for fifteen years as Engineer and eight years as Spanish Teacher, I have managed to turn two jobs into two passions, wich are: Teaching Spanish language for foreigners and Renewable Energy Topics.

One of the challenges faced by the students of languages from an online platform, is to improve their speaking skill. To overcome this barrier, we propose from the online platform that the students broadcasting and publishing their own audio or video podcasts related with the goals of each Didactic Activity into the Platform. The students receive support from their Tutors through audio comments & suggestions of the learning process, and from their Peers from the feedback forums. It is an important skill that we practice during the course but no only one, we also practice: listening, reading and discussing abilities about Environment, Renewable Energy and Business & Culture in the Spanish - speaking world.

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Margarita Lafuente

I hold a degree in English Philology from the Complutense College of Madrid.  Educational Materials Designer Expert from the Online University of Barcelona focusing on elearning languages through Information and Communication Tecnologies.
Lay out Technical degree (InDesign + Flash CS6) Designer from the Thecnological Institute of Madrid.

I have developed the syllabus and contents of the online course taking care that they be friendly and easy interactive performance.
Work for and with the platform gives me an amazing experience and the chance to help the students improving their Spanish language skills. So, I am at your disposal for anything you need.

My experience of sixteen years in the teaching field, tells me that a good teacher is essential in the learning process, but without any doubt, students who use Didactic Topics related to their personal or professional interests, will get better results in less time.

Really, I have tested out for myself and it works. Would you also like to check it?... Try it yourself.

 comillas Learning focused on your interest,
makes learning more interesting,
achieving better results in less time  comillas1


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