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 Solar Power also speaks Spanish
 Do you know what´s the largest PV Solar farm in Latin America?
 Leading Skills: Listening Comprehension & Writing Expression


1 Search for the unknown key words below to complete the Didactic Activity successfully.
Pay attention
to the lexical combinations.


_____________rincón   ________ ser un sueño ____ electrificación rural   _______aminorar ____ medio ambiente


plan de manejo   __________ cumplimiento ______________ monto  __________ aportar  __________________ puesto de salud


 __________ abarcar __________________ ciudad hermanada con  ________ iniciar  _____________ fortalecimiento  ______ amigable


2 Watch the video: Impact of Solar- Photovoltaic Power on Rural Communities in Nicaragua.
Subtítulos en español. Pay attention to the Nicaraguan accent.


3 Read the text, ask your questions and share your comments with us >>>



4 Listen the audio and choose the right sentence according to the proposed order.

5 Do you remember the "POR" and "PARA" uses? Take a look at the presentation:: "POR" and "PARA" uses.


6 Practice the uses of the prepositions "POR" and "PARA".
Choose the right preposition in each sentence of the following exercise.



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