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 Why the PV Solar Chinese Power Plant "Gao Tai" operates at 50% capacity?
 Leading Skills: Listening Comprehension & Writing Expression


1 Search for the unknown key words below, to complete the Didactic Activity successfuly.
Pay attention to the lexical combinations.


___________convertirse_____apenas____ país del carbón_____invertir masivamente 


_______catastrófico _como resultado  ___cubrir un área____construir__son instalados


 ___________solo piedras y viento_____tierra cultivable____verdadero tesoro


___________reducir su dependencia de a largo plazo   antes ________encontrarse


   _________justamente  ___________enorme riqueza natural  ___durar  ____ahogar


____ ______personal reducido _____hay inconvenientes  _____ ____debe de ser transportada  


2 Listen each audio and write the right word


3 Watch the video (Spanish subtitles) 


4 Listen the questions and select the right answer.
Watching problems, please test ... here 


5 Read the Text. Ask your questions and share your comments with us >>>



6 Listen the audio and fill the gaps choosing the right words within the box.



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