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 Noor, the largest Concentrate Solar Power Plant in the world. How it all started …
 Leading Skills: Listening Comprehension & Oral Expression


1 Search for the unknown key words below, in order to complete the Didactic Activity successfuly.
Pay attention to the lexical combinations.

______sobrar        aquí           precisamente         luz         significar        ruido

_______quizás                predestinado           acoger         gigantesco

 _____     limpia         silenciosa           polvo          ajetreo incesante

_____piedra       arena      cadena de montaje            comprobar  el par  

__masa          sitio            pesar          campo solar         velocidad de crucero

_____obra  finalizada           encajar          tratar         apenas       anclar

_______   considerar            alimentar de electricidad          hogar      


 1.1  Test your memory and improve your vocabulary playing with the words (Choose the study mode). Create your own wordlist.




2 Listen each audio and fill the gap choosing the right word or group of words from the square.



3 Watch the video (Spanish subtitles)
Source: euronews.com NOOR1 / canalsur NOOR1


Read the Text. Ask your questions and share your comments with us >>>



5  Record an audio or more of the Didactic Activity text. Upload your record at any place of the wall.
Listen the examples. You will receive a feedback audio.




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